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I served as  Assistant & Associate Professor at AUM for 11 years, before moving to The Texas Woman’s University in 1984 for two years.  I held Licenses as a Professional Counselor from the states of Alabama and Texas while residing there. 

 I  came to Europe in 1986 as a visiting Professor of Counselor Education with the Boston University Overseas Program, which had a contract with the American military to provide Masters Degrees in six different areas, one of which was Counseling.  My work involved teaching graduate courses in Germany, Belgium, and Spain for students in the military, employed by the military, or family of military members.  After 5 years with B.U., I served 2 additional years with the University of Maryland Overseas Program after they were selected to run these programs.  In 1992 I married Veronika, a German woman, with whom I enjoyed almost 28 years.

I have come to love Europe and deeply feel that I now have two homes: the United States and Germany. For an American my German language skills are well developed and I often work with mixed couples/families. I live in the central part of Munich (Lehel), in an “Altbau” built in 1896, and have an office in my apartment. I am easily accessed with public transport using the U-Bahn (German for subway). I should note that this apartment is now shared with Sammy, my wonderful Golden Retriever.

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